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  • Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

    Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

  • Teaching Infusionsoft Partners at the Partner Summit of the Rockies

    Teaching Infusionsoft Partners at the Partner Summit of the Rockies

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    Meeting with Alex Houg from BlitzMetrics

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How to Attract and Drive Traffic Via Facebook

How to Attract and Drive Traffic Via Facebook

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Facebook is a powerhouse of an inbound-marketing tool for attracting and driving traffic to your site. With such a large audience at your disposal, using Facebook’s built-in features that allow you to promote your brand to gain greater exposure and ultimately conversions. To attract new followers you need to produce valuable, quality content — from the posts that you share to your original branded content — to gain authority along with said exposure. This post is intended to walk you through using Facebook with some tactics to attract and drive traffic, build your email list and get the solid leads needed to increase conversion rates.

Establish Authority and Trust with Your Audience

One of the first steps to successfully attracting your audience is to build the conversation around your brand while staying focused on your demographic in your execution. Now because Facebook does an excellent job of getting your brand in front of your demographic, it’s easier to target your audience with more valuable and effective content. By giving your audience what they want, your brand will thrive on Facebook. Then, use your newly-acquired clout to attract an even larger demographic and continue to increase your web traffic.


Build Your Email List (B2C Lead Generation)

Every salesperson knows that leads are essential to their livelihoods. Back in the B2B days of meet-and-greets and swapping business cards, you had to literally hit the ground running to push your brand to get any leads. With the advent of Facebook, getting leads is as easy as building an email list, which is as easy as setting up a special promotional offer with an opt-in email component; perhaps a giveaway that entices your followers to sign up with their email address. Voila! Instant B2C lead generation. Now your sales team will never be bored.


What’s Your Offer?

Facebook guru Amy Porterfield advises that when devising your promotional offer, don’t think necessarily about what type of content you’re going to deliver for your giveaway but rather about solving a problem your intended audience has. Freemium is the new black. Sometimes you’ll want to promote a free e-book; other times it may be a free webinar or download of a report or case study. Whatever the medium, make sure that it is something your intended audience actually wants. Out of all the countless other brands on Facebook, why choose yours? The answer—brand authority. You want to ensure that are focused on your audience’s needs in order to produce the most valuable content possible. When you provide valuable content to the audience, they validate your authority within your niche because you gave them what they crave. Now watch the email leads start rolling in.


Use a Custom App to Collect Email Leads

By using a custom app to publish a landing page on Facebook, you can quickly and easily build your email list, capturing viable leads that are more likely to become conversions. Once you have your landing page published and your email list is growing, then is the time to put those leads to use with solid content guaranteed to drive those email leads to your website.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

So let’s say you now have your landing page on Facebook, your fan page is holding steady and you’re continually updating your Facebook with branded content, engaging with the audience and getting plenty of leads. Now it’s time to start driving that traffic from your brand’s Facebook page to your website. Your efforts pay off when your posts start sending users to your website or blog. The ultimate goal is to prompt the leads into becoming actual customers. The conversion is easy if your brand has great content and a clear message that made a significant impression on the lead. Once they engage on the website, the sales team takes the baton to seal the deal.

Resistance is Futile

The importance of your content cannot be understated. It can be very difficult to be seen among the countless other brands vying for that same attention. Your content is what attracts the audience, and if you don’t grab their attention literally within seconds, they will skip right over you. Remember that great content equals content that the audience wants. Video has been empirically proven to be the most effective of all mediums, as more visual posts will always pique the audience’s attention. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures, and you will see it in action with your content marketing ROI. Great video posts are what audiences want and this is where it really pays to know your intended audience. Make your Facebook posts so irresistible to your audience that they wait for them.


Boosted Facebook Content

So you have the content and your target audience. You’ve built enough some authority and trust through your engaging posts. Even if traffic is rolling along at a good pace, you could always use the occasional boost. Boosting your page posts in Facebook can help earn you exponential viewership. This is an excellent complementary tool to building the email list, as boosted posts can expand your audience beyond its target.


It’s All About the Conversion

Your content marketing strategy can only take the audience so far and despite all efforts on Facebook, once they are directed to your website, it’s at that point that your brand must hold their attention long enough (and well enough) to convert sales. Make sure that your website is working perfectly and is aesthetically well-designed for an optimum user experience (UX). This maintains the authority and trust you built on Facebook, which made them want to visit your site in the first place. Now that you have their attention, use a strong call-to-action to drive them towards conversion.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you cannot afford to not take advantage of Facebook’s amazing capacity to boost your brand marketing. From building your email lists with precision-targeted demographic leads to engaging with your audience the way you’d work the room at an industry event. Make personal connections with your audience to get to know them and give them what they want, and you’ll feel the reciprocity with increases in both traffic to your site as well as conversion rates.

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