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  • Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

    Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

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    Teaching Infusionsoft Partners at the Partner Summit of the Rockies

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    Meeting with Alex Houg from BlitzMetrics

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How to NOT Generate Leads Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

How to NOT Generate Leads Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When it comes to generating leads with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it can be a tricky process. PPC ads work like this: advertisers place a sponsored ad on a search engine, website or blog and pay a nominal fee to the respective publisher every time users click on their ad. PPC ads can generate huge revenues for search engines, webmasters and bloggers, as well as translate into increased conversions for advertisers. A well-crafted PPC ad campaign is imperative to successfully generate quality leads, but there are a few pitfalls that advertisers can fall into. This is how to NOT generate leads using pay-per-click advertising.

Keywords, Schmeywords

Everyone makes such a big deal about keywords. If you don’t want to generate any leads with your PPC ads, then don’t even bother with keywords that are relevant to your niche. Your ads can still be found, but it won’t mean diddly because you will never reach your intended audience this way. Advertisers bid on specific keywords and keyword phrases that correspond to their brand and audience.

PPC ad programs like Google AdWords can grow your brand exponentially by targeting your niche with strong, relevant keywording on the world’s largest and most-used search engine. This can take some bit of research, but if you’re not interested in learning which keywords will generate prime leads for your brand, you can always make up your own keywords or just forgo using them altogether.

Who Needs a Landing Page Anyway?

Landing pages are used to receive traffic from the PPC ads. The landing page is optimized for lead conversions, which means that it includes a form where users can enter their email address and/or other pertinent user info, plus a call-to-action that prompts users to perhaps access a brand’s website, complete a promotional offer or enter a sweepstakes. Landing pages are relatively inexpensive to implement and, like keywords, are tailored to specific search terms. Sure, you can save some time and money by not developing a good landing page, but you won’t generate many quality leads or conversions without it.

Pay for the Top Spot

Of course, if your brand has large marketing coffers and you feel your brand is destined to be El Numero Uno in the search results, you can just spend the thousands of dollars to bid for those top spots on SERPs. This could be seen as cheating by some, but it is effective if you don’t mind spending the money. The problem with paying for lead generation is that if you can’t afford to do it, your brand will have to rely on organic search results. This can be risky if your keywords are too broad and your page ends up relegated beyond the first page of search results.

PPC Tools Are Overrated

You might think you can generate pay-per-click leads on your own, but you’ll quickly regret not incorporating some of the fantastic PPC tools that are available. From Google’s Keyword Planner to third-party proprietary keyword suggestion tools such as Wordstream, your PPC ad campaign will benefit from the keyword analytics these tools provide advertisers. You can also track your pay-per-click leads and conversions with an array of PPC tracking tools.

No Leads? No Problem?

Your brand could theoretically still survive online, but without quality leads being generated via your pay-per-click ads, it will be a long and arduous road ahead. It is paramount to your PPC ad campaign that you research and implement strong keywords and keyword phrases that targets your audience’s relevant searches as well as building strong ad groups, which integrate keywords, text ads and landing pages, and determines your intended ad audience and how your brand will gain their attention. Leads that are generated from solid PPC ads equal increased conversions.

Other Ways to NOT Generate Leads

Be lazy with your campaign. Create only broad keyword terms that will yield minimal response from search engines. Don’t utilize PPC ad tools to track your leads or conversions. Forget your landing page, because users never want to learn more about your brand and what it can do for them. Right?

Okay, so hopefully this post enlightens you as to how to NOT generate leads using pay-per-click advertising so that your brand can ultimately create a successful PPC ad campaign that will push conversion rates through your brand’s proverbial roof and it can thrive in an increasingly difficult advertising landscape.

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