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  • Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

    Awarding a 2014 Chevy Camaro to The Big Drive winner Janette Gleason at PartnerCon 2013

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    Teaching Infusionsoft Partners at the Partner Summit of the Rockies

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    Meeting with Alex Houg from BlitzMetrics

Why Your Small Business Needs to Learn the 7 Steps of Lifecycle Marketing

Why Your Small Business Needs to Learn the 7 Steps of Lifecycle Marketing

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As an entrepreneur, are you always looking for efficiency in your small business? Do you find building and promoting your brand in today’s small business world daunting to say the least? If so, you need an easier, more cost-effective marketing solution that will help your small business thrive.

Lifecycle Marketing has empowered over 10,000 small business owners by providing them with a sort of roadmap to guide them through an effective marketing plan. From driving website traffic and prospecting leads to converting sales and gaining referrals, Lifecycle Marketing shows you how to successfully increase your revenue and profits. This is why your small business needs to learn the 7 Steps of Lifecycle Marketing.


LCM - Attract Interest

Step 1: Attract Website Traffic

If your business has a poor online presence (or worse, none at all), your number one priority is to gain more exposure. To do that, it’s going to take more than simply sending out email blasts or making a Facebook page. According to Google, the future of SEO will be based on “high-quality, original content that is valuable to users”. So what does this mean for your website’s traffic?

First and foremost, you only create high-quality, original content. This will be a testament to your brand’s image, as it builds trust, authority and influence online. When you post great content on your blog and social media networks, your brand will bask in the attention if you engage your prospects on these platforms, then prod them with links to your site.


LCM - Capture LeadsStep 2: Capture More Leads

Capturing leads is no longer an elusive task for small business owners. Using Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software for Small Businesses, you can capture more leads in less time. You can also easily manage prospects throughout the process up until the point of conversion using automated marketing campaigns, including sending out emails to your prospective leads and monitoring your web traffic.


LCM - Nurture ProspectsStep 3: Nurture Prospects

New prospects are like babies (only in the best way, of course) when they are introduced to your business; they need to be nurtured by your brand. As your brand parents them through the initial stages of learning about who you are and what you do (and more importantly, what you can do for them), they begin to feel more confident about your brand, as that trust has been established—it’s at this point they will be likely to convert.


LCM - Convert SalesStep 4: Convert Prospects Into Sales

Creating compelling content that speaks to the intended audience is crucial to converting prospects, because they want to know that your brand aligns with whatever their values are. Marketing doesn’t need to pander to the audience or be sales-y to get your brand message across.


LCM - Deliver & SatisfyStep 5: Deliver Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it, without customers, your business is kaput. Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers and community goes a long way in business. The better you know your audience, the higher the chance you have of delivering customer satisfaction. Get to know your customers through various channels (blog, social media, forums, etc.) to stay connected to the pulse of your industry and audience.


LCM - Upsell CustomersStep 6: Upsell Customers

Don’t be taken aback by the idea of upselling to your existing customers. What used to be a pushy tactic has since evolved into an art form all its own. These days, to elicit an up-sale means appealing to the audience’s emotional connection to your brand. Leave your customers wanting more from your brand so that they keep coming back.


LCM - Get ReferralsStep 7: Get Referrals

It’s inevitable that your satisfied customers will evangelize your brand. Word-of-mouth is still a strong (and free) marketing tactic, and it has only magnified in scope thanks to the power of social media. After all, referrals from friends, family or even complete strangers are only a ‘Like’ or a tweet away.

Infusionsoft co-founder Scott Martineau exposes the fastest way to your ROI in his marketing workshops by using the 7 Steps of Lifecycle Marketing to create a specific marketing plan based around your small business needs.

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